Foreign Medical Graduate Program

CTN offers tailored, boutique style rotations, with a focus on Family and Internal Medicine. This program is specifically designed for Caribbean medical students, Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG) and International Medical Graduates (IMG) who are ECFMG certified that need an externship/observership. Rather than providing a wide array of specialties, our emphasis is on the quality of each rotation. At CTN, you’re not just a number, you’re part of the family.

We offer hands-on clinical rotations involving patient interaction. This program was created to facilitate access to medical education in the United States for the international community.

To see a list of a few of our current preceptors click here.

Our Services


We provide 4 week rotations for students through out the DFW metroplex which will also help with preparations for the USMLE Step 2 CS exam.

Residency Consultation

CTN affiliated physicians are familiar with the residency application process and can guide you through the intricacies of the match process

Interview Coaching

Our experienced physicians review your strengths & weaknesses, guide you through mock interviews, and provide invaluable feedback.

Portfolio Composition

CTN provides professional review, editing, and recommendations to make your personal statement and CV highlight your exceptional qualities.


Each rotation is 4 weeks and priced at $2,000. Pricing for longer rotations are available upon request.

Application Details

Required Documentation

Your resume, immunizations & health records, health insurance, proof of eligibility, professional liability insurance for hands-on experiences, and B-1 Visa or Visa Waiver are required.

Visa Information

A foreign national wishing to participate in any Clinical Training Network programs shall be responsible for obtaining a B-1 (Visitor for Business) or B-2 (Visitor for Tourism) non-immigrant visa from the appropriate authorities or for entering the United States under the VWB (Visa Waiver for Business) or VWT (Visa Waiver for Tourism) Program. Clinical Training Network will release to qualified enrolled students an official client enrollment letter with details regarding location at which the rotation has been scheduled. Additionally, these letters will only be granted upon completion of full tuition payment. Additional visa guidance can be acquired through our trusted immigration legal counsel, at an additional fee.


Clinical experiences require U.S. health insurance, which can be obtained easily through one of many vendors. Hands-on rotations require professional liability insurance. We assist students in obtaining this insurance after the application is received.


Responsibility for housing rests solely on the applicant. However, if there are any questions, feel free to ask for assistance.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Full payment and any outstanding balance is due 2 weeks prior to start date, after which time the deposit is nonrefundable. Once rotation has begun, no refunds will be issued. If students are unsatisfied with their preceptor, they have one week from the start date to notify us and every attempt to find a new one will be made, however, no guarantees on a replacement.


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