Our Story


Clinical Training Network was the brainchild of our founder, Dr. Chrisette Dharma, MD. She created this program to meet a growing demand for internships from students. Every week she would get desperate letters from students who needed rotations in order to meet the requirements of their institution or to get experience in order to expand their career opportunities. She has loved teaching since the beginning of her career but due to the increased demands with metrics, MACRA, patient portals and an array of other things, she had to stop accepting students. Who has time to teach students in addition to trying to get through a day?

Luckily, Dr Dharma believes that teaching the next generation of providers is a part of her job as a doctor.

Why is that service free? Providers are constantly giving away their knowledge and time for free - whether it be a free consult while siting next to someone on a plane, or when a patient comes in and asks you to also look at her three kids when she is the only one on the schedule. We believe that paying the providers sends the message that their time is valuable. By no means does the cost of this program compensate for their time. They are still being extremely gracious to take the time and have the desire to teach a student.

For the NP student program, we have removed even more barriers to prevent doctors from not being able to adequately teach you. The students will not only learn clinical medicine but will also improve their documentation skills. Our program is set up so the student will document the A/P while in the room with the Physician, NP, or PA. This will allow the provider to focus on the student when they leave the room instead of worrying about charting and getting behind.

For the foreign medical graduate student our program focuses more on those who want to go into primary care. There are multiple other companies that have many random specialists to follow in order to for the FMG to obtain a letter of recomendation. We do not believe that is in the best interest of the FMG student. A large number of foreign graduates match into primary care fields (Family Medicine & Internal Medicine). It does not make sense for an FMG to do a rotation with an orthopedic surgeon as their chances to land a orthopedic residency is highly unlikely. Therefore, CTN focuses on primary care ortation. We also have modules geared to help you succeed at your Step 2 clinical exam and didactic lectures. We have individuals on staff who will read your essay for content, look at your residency application and help enhance your portfolio.